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3 reasons flowers are an essential part of a wedding

Flowers are an essential for any wedding. Think about it. Have you ever seen a wedding without flowers? Probably not. Beyond the fact that this is your most special day and you deserve to be treated like a queen, here’s a few other reasons you NEED flowers at your wedding.

1. Flowers truly make your wedding photos!

True, flowers are expensive… but so is your photographer. And, while these flowers won’t last but a week or so, they WILL be present in your wedding photos forever. Plus flowers will no doubt make your wedding photos complete. Larger floral arches really set the backdrop for some dreamy wedding photos.


2. Everyone LOVES flowers! 

Flowers make you happy! No really… it is a fact that flowers have been proven to heighten your mood! Which is not a surprise to us. From the moment we deliver our gorgeous arrangements people start gushing over them. Our brides often tell us that their guests wouldn’t stop commenting on how lovely the flowers were (even a year or longer after their wedding)! Bridesmaids are excited to strut around with their bouquets, guests will rave over the centerpieces, and the photographer will even take extra pictures of just the florals by themselves!


3. What else are you or your bridesmaids going to do with your hands?

The walk down the aisle can be little nerve-racking. Imagine if you had nothing to do with your hands - it would be a tad bit awkward! Carrying a gorgeous bouquet actually might make you and your bridesmaids be a little less nervous on your walk down the aisle. To top it off, I always try to throw a sprig of relaxing lavender foliage into many of our bridal bouquets. A little extra special aromatherapy for the queen on her big day! 



Your wedding is an extremely special day… and the occasion definitely calls for amazingly gorgeous flowers. Treat this important milestone with the respect it deserves... and treat yo'self!

Elizabeth Montgomery

April 16, 2018

photo credit to:

Kelsey Malicote

Whitney Neal

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